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 The Club Penguin Mall Rules

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The Club Penguin Mall Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Club Penguin Mall Rules   The Club Penguin Mall Rules EmptyTue Apr 06, 2010 1:37 pm

1. No Spamming - Spam stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. The sentence itself is self explanatory, so please do not "spam" or post pointless posts/topics on any forum.

2. No hacking discussion - Hackers are losers. Just kidding, but hacking is illegal, and we don't want to get sued. Okay?

3. No advertising - You are not allowed to advertise any link on the forums. The only exceptions is if given permission to by an Admin, advertising Club Penguin Mall, or putting a link in your signature. You may advertise in the Advertising section, but 1 site per user.

4. No Foul Language - This forum is targeted for kids. Bad language will just teach the younger generations bad things.

5. No double posting - You are not allowed to double post. The only exception is if you need somebody's attention.

6. No adult content - As rule 4, this forum is about Club Penguin, a game targeted for kids. Adult content is inappropriate for kids and young teens.

7. Treat everyone with respect - No trolling, or picking on somebody. Everybody is created equal.

8. Do not share Club Penguin Passwords or codes - You could share passwords/codes only if given permission to by an Admin.

9. Post readable messages (Nothing small, or weird colors) - coughcough Yellow coughcough. For spoilers, use the spoiler tag.

10. Use real grammar - This isn't aim. No leet (1337) speak like: z0mg h4x

11. Create one personal account - If you are banned, and need to contact us, click the "Contact" button on the bottom of the page!

12. No threads for one person - Use the private messages instead.

13. Do not post on old posts - It is called bumping, or "Bring Up My Post." "Bumping" will clutter up forums.


Only use the report system if you have an actual reason!!!

Contact the Admins with any questions

The Admins:
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The Club Penguin Mall Rules
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