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 Sup Guys (Viral)

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PostSubject: Sup Guys (Viral)   Sup Guys (Viral) EmptySat Apr 09, 2011 10:08 am

hey glad to be here, i like the forum. i hope it becomes a famous forum one day
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Da Best Penguin
Da Best Penguin

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PostSubject: Re: Sup Guys (Viral)   Sup Guys (Viral) EmptySat Apr 09, 2011 3:32 pm

glad u like it viral sorry about the 'welcoming commitee' but thier all ill
(sorry bout the bad jokes and spelling)
at thee mo im probably the most active on here so get used to bad jokes!
anyway il give u a update on the forum stuff just now
1.the redirect was only removed a couple of weeks ago so the forum is currently being reformed
2.if u need frozen pm him the same one a few times coz he gets to many emails(joking frozen)
3.DONT acctually do that
4.Stick to the rules coz unfortunatly there not there to be broken
but most of all have fun and make some freinds

oh yea if ure talking to me call me raven coz thats my overlord screen name

have fun and if u need anything ask an admin or a mod coz im neather (again another bad joke) we are one happy comunity so if u need something just shout on anyone they will probably be very happy to help

ive prattled enough so
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Sup Guys (Viral)
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